Landscaping Borders for Garden/Flower Bed

Your garden and flower beds are the little notions that give your landscape it’s underlying personality. We can develop a distinctive strategy to ensure such character is achieved. Such intent is fulfilled by incorporating complementary styles of colors from alluring mulches, enchanting stones, and winsome vegetation or flora. 

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Landscaping Curbs for Pathways

Enhance your home’s curb appeal by adorning your pathway with creative edging styles. This creative trend is amongst the top favorites in the South Florida community. Not only does it transform your dull walkway into an appealing path but it is overall versatile. Choose from a diverse palette of colors to compliment your property and garden.

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Landscaping Borders for Trees

Amplify your tree’s life with both a creative and functional solution. These curbs serve as a barrier between your garden and lawn providing a versatile solution in retaining mulch, decorative rocks, or any desired fill you wish to use. Additionally. They offer overall protection for your plantings while performing routine maintenance or outdoor activities.

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Creating Diverse and Innovative Designs

Miami Borders is a full service landscape operation. We will coordinate and initiate your service from start to finish, overseeing all aspects of the project from the initial estimate appointment, preparation, incorporation, and completion.


We offer an extensive variation of options, integrating distinct mediums from concrete and natural stone.


When it comes to incorporating gardens, we pride ourselves in using only the healthiest plant material, supplied by our trusted local and regional suppliers. We use a wide range of plantings to create diverse and innovative designs.


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