Borders for Gardens

Add curb appeal value to your home with landscaping borders for your garden and flower beds.


Edging for Pathways

Make an entrance of a lifetime by enhancing your walkway with landscaping edging for your main paths.


Curbs for Trees

Create an alluring barrier between your lawn and tree beds which can retain soil and mulch, increasing garden life.


Landscape Design

By combining nature, culture, and art, Miami Borders offers landscaping design to bring your dream garden to life. The outcome of the easy process may incorporate services such as curb or edging installations, gardening, tree trimming, and much more.

Lawn Maintenance

As a full-service company, Miami Borders provides residential lawn maintenance and care services ranging from mowing to sprinkler installation and repairs.


Curb Recoloring & Repair

Already have landscaping borders but need a touch up? We provide recoloring and repair services for residential properties.

Next Steps...

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